Sunday, September 2, 2012

Run Java Apps On Android Devices

There are numerous people who have decided to stick permanently with their J2ME phones. This is simply because they do not want to lose their favourite Java apps. An old friend I hooked up with yesterday has a similar experience. He had to stop a particular activity because he couldn’t get the Android version of the J2ME application.

By default, Android devices cannot run Java apps(.jar or .jad). Many of you might as well be looking for a way to run your favourite Java apps on your Android phones. There are two “personally tried” methods you can apply to get this done:


Netmite is an online service that helps you convert your .jar/.jad apps to the .apk file extension which is recognized by Android.
This is the first service I tried and it worked perfectly for me.

Follow the following instructions to enjoy Netmite:
-Visit Netmite for android’s website here
-You need to first of all download the Java app runner for Android to your device. Without this installed, no java app will run on your device even after you’ve converted it to .apk. So, Download it now. Then install it normally on your Android device.
-Get the .jar/.jad of your Java app on your computer and upload here. Or just copy the URL of your .jar/.jad file and paste it in the space provided on Netmite’s Conversion page.
-Your .jar/.jad app should now be uploaded and converted to .apk. Upon completion, your .apk extension will download.
-You can then install your converted app to your Android device normally.

Jbed 1.20 for Android

Jbed 1.20 is an Android app which allows you to install and run Java apps. This approach is easier, preferred and recommended, at least from my experience with the two. JBed 1.20 can run on Android 1.5 – 2.3 devices with each version having it’s Jbed 1.20 version. Select the download link of your Android device below to download Jbed.

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