Sunday, August 19, 2012

Earn Money Using Your Android Smartphone

Making money with your Android Smartphone can be a lot of fun and simple to do!

Here are three Free Apps you can find on the Android Market to make some extra cash and earn rewards.

(To download each app: use your smartphone’s scanning device to scan each of the QR Codes)

1. CheckPoints

CheckPoints is available for Android users as well as Apple devices such as iPhone and iPodTouch. Once this app is downloaded you can view a list of products in your local area businesses. Your job is to find these products at the business listed, scan the bar code with your phone and CheckPoints gives you points in exchange for your work. You can also earn points just for ‘checking in’ when you are at affiliated locations. These points can be turned into cash rewards or gift certificates. Many people enjoy the hunt of finding the products and find the earnings to be an added bonus.

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